Universal Design.

“Universal Design” or “Aging in Place” references are used to describe both new and remodeling projects that at first glance appeal to everyone no matter their age, ability or life status.  It is very likely that you have encountered spaces designed for aging in place without even knowing it.

When you have found a place that truly feels like home, you want to make sure you are able to stay there as long as possible.  This is exactly what Universal Design is planned to do by designing spaces that can be comfortably used by able-bodied, disabled, the youth and the elderly.

Some of the features of a Universally Designed space may include properly installed grab bars and walk-in showers in the baths and lowered appliances and pull out shelves in cupboards for the kitchen.  There are simple changes that promote Universal Design as well such as changing out round door knobs for levers, lighting stairwells and widening doorways.

We at Morris Builders, Inc. are well educated and experienced in Universal Design and enjoy working with our clients to create a home that is both comfortable and safe.