The design phase is where the client and designers work together to identify the wants, needs and overall feel of the space.  Plans and selections are also made during this phase.  The selections will depend on the type and scale of each project but could include paint colors, lighting, flooring, hardware and whatever else the project entails.  Once the selections and plans have been decided, the designers and estimators work together on the bid package and digital renderings.

The build phase begins once the bid package has been agreed upon by both parties.  This is when you will really start to see some changes and the excitement level is high.  Demolition can be a bit frightening but rest assured that you are in good, experienced hands.  Although our designers are excellent at digital renderings and explaining ideas, we understand that as the new space beings to take shape, questions may arise.  This is the great part of working with a design/build company and we are always here to answer these questions.

The best part comes after the build phase which is when you walk into your new space that has been transformed from your dreams to a reality!