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Planting season is upon us! Here is an easy-grow collection of our favorite perennials, perfect for any garden. (Even for beginners!)


Gaillardia – Blanket Flower

This drought and heat-tolerant wildflower provides a long lasting color is part of the sunflower family.  The name “Blanket Flower” comes from the resemblance of the brightly patterned blankets made by the Native Americans. It has a daisy shape and comes in yellow, orange, red, purplish, brown, white or bicolored.



This easy and undemanding flower blooms from early summer through fall in shades of purple and blue.  It prefers sunny spots at the front of a well-drained bed.  There are about 500 species of this beautiful flower but our favorite is spike like Purpleicious Veronica which grows about 2’ tall.

Phlox paniculata

Phlox Paniculata – Tall Garden Phlox

It grows 3 to 4 feet tall and bears large trusses of fragrant blooms from summer to early fall.  It’s vibrant color display and sweet fragrance has very few rivals and to top it off, they are mildew-resistant!

russian sage

Russian Sage

If you are planning a large garden in a sunny spot, then be sure to include this one.  This 3-foot-wide by 5-foot-tall perennial creates elegant clouds of blue flowers in late summer.  Tip: When planting multiple Russian Sages, keep them close to avoid having to stake, but leave some space between these and others.



A staple for the fall garden, Asters burst forth with their starlike flowers in late summer and autumn.  You can find these in white, rich pinks, blues, purples and ruby reds.  These double as the perfect flower to cut and bring indoors.



These feathery plumes of white, pink, lavender or red rise above fernlike foliage for a month or more in late spring and summer.  They can tolerate full sun provided a constant supply of moisture; otherwise, they prefer a nice shady spot.

Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

The perfect flower for beginners, both easy to grow and attractive.  Valued for its daisylike flowers with dropping petals, this wildflower will spread easily in good soil and full sun. This is a favorite amongst the birds and butterflies and will show beautifully on your kitchen table as well.


Switch Grass

Come rain or come shine, this is a gorgeous grass.  Wonderful for all seasons and helpful in concealing eye sores such as meters and stakes.  In late summer, lightly branched panicles of flowers appear above the foliage and then turn to a dramatic red or gold in the fall.



Another great choice for beginners (and Michigan), Yarrow can withstand heat, drought and even the cold.  It’s colorful, flat-top blooms rise above clusters of ferny foliage and spread moderately quickly making it great for borders and ground cover.



In almost every shade but blue, these beauties bloom from late spring to early summer and are perhaps the most loved perennials of brides.  Plant no more than 2 inches below rich soil and you will have handsome peonies all season long.



Perfect for fireworks in your fall garden, these autumn bloomers work just as well potted as they do in your flower bed.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors including red, orange, purple, white and yellow.

asiatic lily

Asiatic Lily

For reliable summer color, you can’t beat these beauties.  Easily grown from bulbs planted in either spring or fall in a well-drained, sunny location.  These bright charmers can be found in yellow, orange, red, white, cream, rose, purple and bicolors.  More so, they get bigger and better each year.

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