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Yay! Spring has finally sprung. There is nothing better than that first day with all the windows open. Fresh air, birds chirping, kids playing. It gives you a burst of energy after a long winter. And with spring comes none other than the wonderful task of spring cleaning!

Here is our Spring Cleaning Checklist to get you started!
    • Garage : Sweep all the left over dirt and salt from our winter tires. Create a storage space
      for sporting goods, camping equipment and garden tools.
    • Outdoor Furniture : Clean and repair any outdoor furniture you will be keeping. Donate any
      unwanted furniture and yard decoration.
    • Yard : Walk around your property and collect any debris the snow was hiding. Rake up any
      dead grass or animal droppings. Clear away dead foliage and weeds from lawn and flower beds.
    • Exterior of Home : Check your siding for holes or missing pieces and check trim for peeling paint.
      Inspect the roof for any winter damage, leaks or missing shingles. If you don’t feel comfortable
      and safe climbing on to your roof or find any damage, give us a call! We would be happy to help.
    • Inside the Home
        o Go through closets, make a pile for donation and pack away winter items.
        o Pack away seasonal décor after sorting out donation or garage sale items.
        o Sort through books, magazines, dvds and toys for donation or garage sale.
        o Wash windows, repair and insert screens.
        o Move and vacuum under furniture.
        o Wash doors, knobs and switch plates.
        o Dust art, furniture and lighting.
        o Clean the fridge, freezers, cupboards and pantry. Throw out any outdated food,
           medication or toiletries.
       o Thorough clean of appliances.

Here are some tips to make your cleaning a bit easier this year.
    • Plan easy meals for days you will be cleaning. Consider using your slow cooker for added ease.
    • Keep a list of small jobs that need to be done at the end of cleaning such as paint touch-ups
      or pillow mending.
    • Keep a list of needed items such as toiletries or pantry items.
    • Create a box for each member of the household and fill it with findings for them to
      sort through later.
    • Local recycling centers -

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