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Summer is rapidly behind us and Fall is upon us as we speak. The spectacular colors nature has presented to us this year, along with the crystal clear night skies boasting star lined atmospheres, and finishing with crisp cold nights to enjoy. All of these wonderful aspects of the changing seasons makes us quickly aware of the coming winter season.

As we enter the upcoming heating season here are a few tips and small projects you can do as a homeowner to make your lives more comfortable.

HVAC - Remove and replace your current furnace filter on a monthly basis. It is located in the return ductwork on your furnace. Write the date of when you installed it for record.

Windows - Check all windows for air leakage. If you find drafty units, purchase and install the 3M clear plastic heat and seal window kits from your local hardware or big box stores.

Doors - Check the weather stripping for age, decay or air infiltration gaps. A large portion of these can be removed and replaced in less than 30 minutes. You can also purchase small draft stop pads, bottom door sweeps, and door sill covers to alleviate those nasty winter drafts.

Insulation - Check to see if your basement floor joists bays are insulated not just showing wood. You could lose 10% of your heating costs through this area. Remember to check your attic to make certain you have at least 12 - 14 inches of insulation in this space. This will help in the winter during heating season, and during the summer for cooling costs.

I hope these tidbits of weatherization help you to make your home more efficient, cozy and cost effective.

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