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With all of this wonderful weather we’ve been having, homeowners across the nation are increasingly drawn to upgrading their outdoor spaces for entertaining.  The improvements being made have a wide range of costs and project size from simply adding outdoor stereo systems all the way up to complete outdoor kitchens.  Here are the top 4 outdoor trends for 2013.


Outdoor fireplaces set a particular mood with the warmth of the fire, the sweet aroma and the crackling of firewood.  Just as indoor fireplaces, they draw family and friends together to talk and celebrate only now you can enjoy nature as well.  Another big pro to outdoor fireplaces is that they often allow you to legally have a fire on your property, although this ultimately depends on your local ordinances.


 Designer Unknown | Photo by CM Glover - Noank, CT 



You know its summer when you start to smell the sweet scent of your neighbor’s barbeque.  Outdoor kitchens provide a space to interact with others, host parties, cook meals and entertain but they have more advantages than meets the eye.  They can also cut some of your energy usage!  When the heat that warms your home from cooking is moved outdoors, your a/c units won’t have to work as hard to keep your indoor space cool.  Outdoor kitchens can also lessen the mess indoors since all cooking, including grilling, can be done in one location.


 Architectural Kitchens & Baths - Lexington, KY



Maybe a grand new outdoor kitchen isn’t in your budget.  Creating a new patio or deck with a comfortable dining space is a great alternative.  Whether you’re throwing a large birthday party, hosting a small dinner or enjoying a glass of wine, this space allows you to connect your dining experience with the great outdoors.  Some outdoor dining things to think about, a combination of built-in and moveable seating, a lounging area, durable outdoor fabrics and good lighting.


A Blade of Grass - Wayland, MA



The mood of a space can change dramatically by changing the lighting.  Some of the most popular outdoor lighting trends are illuminating pathways and railings, twinkling mini lights, pool and water lighting, hanging lanterns and pendants or chandeliers in covered spaces.  When done right, good lighting can make all the difference to your outdoor space.


Land & Water Design - Gainsville, VA


Now that you have learned about the top 4 outdoor trends for 2013, how are you feeling about your outdoor space?  Feeling inspired or have an idea?  Give us a call today 616.874.6110

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