Morris Builders Inc.

Torch Award 2017

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Rockford, MI 49341

This season I want to put an emphasis on our remodeling process.

When we start a home remodeling project, we focus in on the wants and challenges you are experiencing. Our goal is to create new living spaces that meet your budget and needs while also rewarding you with plenty of "wow" moments along the way. Our process combines the design and construction simultaneously, which allows for a smoother project. Our in-house Design/Build team consists of craftsmen, estimators and designers, this means we can solve problems and anticipate ways to prevent problems during every phase of the project. Helping realize your dreams within practical parameters can be a challenge - one that we solve by applying creativity not just to the design, but to the entire remodeling process. For us, creativity is about innovation as well as discipline.

This is a great time of year to start planning your Spring and Summer projects as contractor’s schedules are filling up fast. So if you’re thinking that a remodeling project is even a possibility, why not give us a call? Tell us what’s on your mind and we can give you a ballpark idea about budget and timeline so you can decide how to proceed. We really look forward to hearing from you.

My Winter Tip : Salt and ice-melting chemicals might be easy to use on your sidewalk and driveway, but they can be harmful to pets, plants and concrete surfaces. An eco-friendly alternative is to use sand or kitty litter to improve traction on icy areas. If you decide to use chemicals, follow package directions carefully, apply thinly and evenly, and use the least amount possible. It's also helpful to pre-apply the product before ice forms.

BONUS : Daylight Savings Time, March 13th, is less than a month away which mean Spring is getting closer! Remember to set your clocks ahead an hour. This is also a good time to check your smoke alarm batteries. More than 90 percent of homes have smoke detectors, but millions of these detectors have either dead or missing batteries.

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