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Get the space saving look with these money saving tips! We have been seeing barn doors everywhere and we are in love with them! We even have one our office made from a large old door original to the building. If you haven’t seen it, come check it out sometime.

A quick search on Pinterest or Houzz and your page will be loaded with all styles and sizes of barn doors. Here are our steps to your perfect DIY barn door.

Step 1measure your opening. You will want your door to be a few inches wide and taller than your opening. Note: make sure you will have enough room to slide the door open completely.

Step 2 – choose a style. Are you looking for something clean or modern or something rustic and repurposed? Both styles can be either made or found with a little bit of looking at resale shops and websites such as Craigslist.

Step 3 – hardware. There are many barn door hardware options online but most of the kits you will find are pretty pricey. Here are some of our favorite reasonably priced choices // Off the Hinges // Amazon // Home Depot

Step 4 – use a level. It is very important to make sure your mounting board and track are level and secured to studs. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for clearances and spacing.

Step 5 – attach the rollers. Use the hardware manufacturer’s instructions when installing the rollers to your door. Note : Place the roller on the track before attaching to your door to make sure you have enough clearance between the track and anything above.

Step 6 – hang the door. You’re just about done! Hang the door on the track using the manufacturer’s instructions and test the doors sliding ability. Sometimes barn doors want to swing into the wall, if this is an issue with your door, installing casters at the bottom of the door should help.

Here are some sliding barn doors that we love. (psst. the first one is in our office!)


barndoor3  barndoor4  barndoor5

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